Trainer: “Why did you eat that?”

Client: “I don’t know really, just because….”

Trainer: “Were you hungry?”

Client: “No, just bored I think”

Have you ever noticed that you eat when you have nothing else to do? Or you are trying to procrastinate from work…? We all have been known to do it, we eat when we’re bored.


“Ah, I am just going to grab a cup of tea and a couple of biscuits before I start this next bit of work”images1

Boredom and procrastination are not good reasons to eat crap food.

But why do we do this and how can we stop it from happening?

Well now that you know that you do it, you are one step closer to conquering it.

At work:

We have all been guilty of this at times. You are sat at the computer, staring at the screen, you have a super important presentation to put together, your fingers move towards the keyboard, and then you look out the window, sit back in your chair, and think, I’ll just go grab a biscuit first! Ah, you were so close to starting that project! Instead you now have less time to do the work, and have just taken in 200 calories in crap food. What happened?

You got bored!

There is a genius chemical in the body called dopamine, and this has a lot to do with your motivation and drive to achieve things. If you are excited by something, dopamine is there. This is essential in achieving loads of things in life, being driven to achieve something. However, getting to the next level of candy crush, or some other crazy Facebook game that has no effect on your life, and there you are going crazy over this thing trying to beat the game. Dopamine is still there in full force.


Eating is another way to increase your dopamine levels. You get bored, dopamine is low, you go and eat a snack, dopamine increases, you feel good, and less bored for precisley 30 seconds.

So how can we get around this?

Why not plug in your headphones and crank out your favourite music while working. Listening to your favourite music will increase dopamine and keep you more focused on the task at hand.

Associate your WHY with the project – how will doing this project benefit you – does it mean a potential raise, a new client? Focusing on the why, can increase dopamine levels and keep you motivated on the task at hand.

In the evening:

A lot of people are good with their nutrition throughout the day and then it turns to crap as soon as they walk in the door from work.

You put on the TV and slump on that sofa, and before you know it you are shoveling a bag of minstrels into your mouth. You don’t even remember getting them out the cupboard…..

A couple of weeks ago I talked about how your television can make you fat. If you missed that, check it out now.


Sometimes you will even eat a relatively healthy dinner, and then be sat on the sofa, with he TV on, with nothing to do and yes again you find yourself reaching for the snacks… Why? Because your bored! Thus dopamine levels have gone down again.

Often TV does not actually engage the mind. Think about it, you’re watching an episode of a TV show you don’t even really like, and worst of all you have already seen it 3 times, and once was yesterday!

Things to do to avoid boredom at home in the evenings:

Get a hobby that engages the mind, and if it involves your hands even better. What do I mean by this?

Knitting, sewing, building models.

Grab a puzzle book and do some crosswords, soduko etc.

10 minutes of meditation does wonders for the body. I highly recommend downloading the Headspace app for your phone. Check it out here –

I have some seen some other great little tips:

Brush your teeth soon after dinner – no one wants to eat rubbish food straight after brushing their teeth.painting-nails

woman-doing-nailsLadies – paint your nails – you may go through a lot of nail polish but hey hey you can’t stick your hand in a bag of crisps with wet nails can you 🙂


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