Wonderful Whey: Why This Is One Supplement All Women Should Be Using


When you think of protein powder, do you immediately tend to think of a supplement that men who want to get big and bulky are using?  Do you think of a bodybuilder at your gym slamming back a protein shake? Or, perhaps you think back to an experience you had in the past trying protein powder where it was this chalky liquid that you had to slam back.


Whatever you think of, it’s time to erase that thought and turn your mind around. Protein powder is one of the best supplements that women can be using and for good reason.  Let’s look at why it’s so beneficial so you can see the benefits to adding it to your day.


Fast And Convenient


The first reason that whey protein is so excellent is because it’s fast and convenient. One of the top reasons women cite for not getting enough protein into their diet plan is lack of time to prepare food.


You don’t have hours each week to spend slaving over the stove, cooking chicken breasts, steak, and fish.  As such, your protein intake tends to fall short.


This is why protein powder is such a great choice. It’s ready when you are. Simply mix and go.  Or, if you want to be a little fancier, you can whip up a fresh fruit smoothie, which will taste just as good as any high calorie smoothie you might have ordered at your local smoothie bar.


When you need protein in a hurry, it doesn’t get easier than protein powder.


Immune Boosting Properties


The next thing about whey protein that many women don’t realize is that it will also help boost your immune system.  Whey protein contains immunoglobulin’s, which help strengthen your immune system, helping you feel better on a day to day basis.


This is important because in the high stress world we live in today, you are constantly breaking your immune system down. On top of that, each and every workout you do will also do a number on your immune strength, which can leave you feeling weak, tired, and exhausted in no time.


Doing everything you can to foster a stronger immune system then is important.  Using whey protein powder is the first step in making that happen.


Craving Control


Another key benefit to whey protein powder that many women also overlook is the fact it can help them combat cravings.  Whey protein powder actually tends to have great appetite suppressing properties, and the number one factor driving food cravings tends to be hunger.


When you have less hunger on a day to day basis, it becomes that much easier to stick to your reduced calorie diet plan, achieving the weight loss goals you’ve set for yourself.


Rich In Calcium


Finally, one last great benefit to using whey protein powder is that it’s also a good source of calcium.  Most whey protein varieties contain around 20% of your total daily calcium requirements in just one scoop, so this makes it easier to get your needs met.


As more and more women are cutting dairy out of their plan due to lactose intolerance, they end up falling short on their calcium intake because of it.


Calcium is critical if you hope to promote strong bones into the future as well as ensure that you are maintaining regular muscle contractions.


So as you can see, protein powder is not a supplement to overlook.  In fact, women need it just as much as that bodybuilder you see in the gym, so don’t be shy about purchasing it. With so many different flavor varieties available today, you’re bound to find one that you enjoy.

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