The Four Times You Should See A Dietitian


As you go about your diet plan, there may come a point where you start to wonder whether it’s worth it to see a dietician. You may have found your current meal plan in a diet book you picked up or have simply been experimenting on your own to see what sort of weight loss results you could see.


But now, you’re getting serious and are wondering if it’s worth the cost.


Let’s go over the four times when you should consider seeing a dietician to get some additional help with your meal plan.


You Haven’t Seen Progress In At Least Two Weeks


The first time you’ll want to consider seeing a dietician is if you haven’t seen any progress for two weeks or longer. If you have been following your diet religiously and you are sure that that diet is set up wisely, it may be time to get a second opinion.


Sometimes one or two small tweaks to your plan may be all you need to get yourself back on track and seeing results. A dietician can provide this.


You Have Special Dietary Concerns


The second time when it’s wise to see a dietician is if you have special dietary concerns.  This could be if you are dealing with diabetes for instance or are worried about your heart health status.


Dieticians will be able to mold a common diet to these specific needs, making sure that all your requirements are covered. While a regular diet may help you to some degree, often it can only take you so far.


You Want A Very Regulated Menu


If you are someone who wants a very regulated menu meaning you want everything laid out for you so that you know what to eat and when, a dietician can help.  Many diet books will give you a loose guideline of what to be eating, but it’s not customized for your body.


When you see a dietician, you can get a very precise meal plan that you can feel confident is based strictly around your body – not someone else’s.


By nature, those diet books need to be relatively generalized so that the millions of people who are using them can see some results.


But, customization is always best if you want to see the maximum results possible.

You Are Training For A Specific Event


Finally, the last time that you may want to consider seeing a dietician is when you are training for a specific event.  For instance, if you are participating in a half or full marathon, seeing a dietician can help ensure that you are fueling your body with the right food to get through to the end of the race.


Likewise, if you are training for sport, they may have tips on foods you can eat that will better help improve your overall progress.


Dieticians are specialized in these sorts of things whereas your average cookie-cutter diet plan is not.


So there you have the key times when seeing a dietician is a wise move. If any of these apply to you, don’t be afraid to reach out to one and ask for the assistance that you need.

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