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The Four Golden Rules Of Healthy Eating For Life


It’s far too easy to get all caught up in the dieting world, looking for the next best diet that will help you drop a dress size. And while it’s great to lose weight and feel confident about your body, do not forget the element of health. When selecting a diet program, it’s important that you are choosing one that is going to set you up for a healthy future over the long-term.


Many diets simply aren’t doing this and as such, won’t give back the results that you want years down the road.


Let’s go over four of the golden rules for healthy eating so that you can make sure any diet you do, now or later on, follows these guidelines.


Thou Shalt Not Starve


The first rule is the no-starvation rule. If you are hungry nearly 24 hours while on your diet, it’s time to find a diet plan. That diet either doesn’t have you eating the right foods that will promote greater satiety or it simply is not providing enough calories to actually help you sustain yourself.


Starvation diets do not work. The sooner you can realize this, the better off you will be.


Thou Shall Eat Multiple Food Groups


The next rule that you need to remember about healthy eating is that you should be focusing on eating multiple food groups each and every day.  Any diet that completely cuts out food groups is a diet that you should be side-stepping.


For instance, many diets have you eliminating grains entirely. And while you may not eat as many grains (especially if you are gluten free), make sure that you are eating some sources of complex carbohydrates. Whether it’s sweet potatoes, beans or bananas – get some carbs into the picture.


Each day you should have a balanced mix of nutrients coming in from lean proteins, healthy fats, and carbohydrates, both high fiber and high starch varieties.


Thou Shall Limit Artificially Prepared Foods


The next golden rule of healthy eating is to avoid artificially prepared foods. Basically, if a food is made by man, it’s not a food you should really be putting into your body.


If you choose to eat foods that are in their most natural state possible such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and so forth, these are the foods that are going to give you a high amount of nutrition and help ensure that you are fueling your body for hours to come.


Man-made foods tend to ‘sputter out’, leaving you crashing and feeling completely devoid of energy.


Thou Shall Not Be Overly Restrictive


Finally, the last tip to remember is to not be too restrictive. A good healthy eating plan for life should help you maintain a good relationship with food. This means indulging in the odd slice of cake from time to time or enjoying a slice of pizza with friends once a month.


Just note that you should always do this in moderation. The minute that you start becoming too obsessive and restrictive is the minute you will begin developing an unhealthy relationship with food.


So keep these four rules in mind. If you can apply them to your program, you can feel confident you are eating well for the long haul.

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