Sneaky Places Sugar Lurks You MUST Be Aware Of


You’ve read the news and sugar is the new item on your hit-list for your diet plan. You know that eliminating excess sugar in your diet is one of the most important steps if you want to be your healthiest.


Not only does it lead to rapid weight gain, but considering sugar provides no nutritional value at all, it does nothing to help you achieve a better overall health status.


This said, are you cutting out sugar as well as you could be? Most women do fine cutting out table sugar or the obvious choices such as soda, cake, and ice cream.  But, sugar lurks in many foods where you’d least expect it.


Let’s look at some of the top foods you should start banishing from your diet as well in order to cut back on the sweet stuff.


Tomato Soup


If you look at that can of tomato soup in your pantry, you would be quickly shocked to see just how much sugar is in that soup.  Tomatoes are naturally a rather bitter food, so sugar needs to be added to offset this and ensure the soup tastes palatable.


One serving of canned tomato soup can easily up your total sugar intake quite significantly, putting you over your daily safe limit.  You should be aiming for no more than 20-30 grams per day, depending on your total calorie intake.  If you can get lower than this – do it.  You’ll stand to benefit.


Granola Cereal


Another place sugar likes to lurk is in granola cereal. If you think your breakfast cereal, made with whole grains, nuts, and seeds is a smart choice, you need to read the ingredient panel.


With these granola like cereals, sugar is often in the top five ingredients. And, one look at the nutritional panel makes it obvious.  Your breakfast cereal should not have more than 3 grams of sugar per serving, which will rule out most of these granola based options.


If you really want granola, make some yourself. This way, you control what goes in.


Energy Drinks


Some women fall for the energy drink trap, which can easily send their bodyweight soaring.  Remember, energy drinks contain just as much, if not more sugar than most soft drinks.


Unless you are purchasing a sugar free variety, in which case you’ll be taking in a good dose of artificial sweeteners, which isn’t much better.


If you want an energy boost, have a black coffee, which will give you just enough caffeine to get you going. Or, even better, drink some green tea, which offers catechins that help speed up fat burning as well.




Yogurt is the next place that you really need to be careful of.  You’ll usually find less sugar if you opt for a Greek yogurt variety, however even then, you need to read the label.


If the yogurt contains fruit on the bottom, that’s your first sign it’s going to be high in added sugars.


Whenever possible, get plain yogurt and then add some fresh berries, nuts, seeds, or whatever else you prefer to dress it up.


It’s far better if you do this as then you can use natural ingredients, rather than the sugar filled ones that a food manufacturer will use.




Finally, also be sure to double check any sauces or condiments you plan to serve up with your meal. Some women do a great job at making sure that they are eating wholesome foods that are low in sugar, but then forget to factor in the sugar in any sauces or condiments they drizzle on top.


Very often these can pack in just as much sugar per serving as a chocolate bar, so they’re not something that you want to be consuming.


Start using fresh herbs and spices as a way to add more flavor to your foods and you’ll fare far better.


So there you have the main places where sugar tends to lurk. Keep in mind this list is by no means all-inclusive however, so there are many other foods to be aware of. Your best bet is to start reading nutrition panels so that you can get a better sense of exactly what it is that you are consuming.


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