Six Strategies To Boost Your Protein Intake


As you make steps to improve the overall nutritional content of your diet plan, one thing that you’ll want to focus on in particular is protein.  Most women are simply not getting enough protein in their day to day intake, which is unfortunate because this is the most important nutrient you could consume.


Protein will not only help with lean muscle mass building and tissue repair after your workout sessions, but it also helps you sustain a higher metabolic rate and will help reduce your hunger and food cravings.


If you’re looking to maintain an optimal body composition, one thing is for certain and that is that you need protein.


To help get you started with increasing your intake, let’s go over six fast and easy strategies that will help you get more into your day.


Add Protein Powder To Oatmeal


The first quick and easy way to add more protein into your day is to add protein powder to your morning bowl of oatmeal.  You’re likely already looking for a way to add more flavor to plain oats, so protein powder works perfectly here.


Simply stir in the protein powder after it’s finished cooking and you’ll be all set.  Then you can top it with fruit, nuts or whatever else you desire.


This will help turn any regular low-protein breakfast into one that’s much higher.


Replace Rice With Beans


Another fast idea is to simply swap out the brown rice that you typically eat for some beans instead. While there’s nothing wrong with brown rice – it is a healthier grain to consume, beans are simply higher in protein and do contain more overall nutrition.


They’re also a fantastic source of complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber, so will help fuel your day just the same.


If you aren’t a fan of beans, chickpeas will offer similar benefits.


Add Greek Yogurt To Your Smoothies


When preparing a fruit smoothie as a quick snack on the go, if you aren’t already adding some protein powder to this, start using some Greek yogurt instead.  Greek yogurt is terrific as it’s not only rich in protein, but calcium as well, which many women do fall short in.


Go for plain Greek yogur there in order to avoid taking in any unwanted sugar.


Whip Up Some Protein Pancakes


Protein pancakes are another highly versatile breakfast option that can be made in a number of different ways.


Combine together some whey protein along with egg whites, oats, mashed bananas, or coconut flour if making a lower carb variety.


There are many different ways that you can prepare these, so look for a recipe that will match with your dietary needs and requirements.


Protein pancakes take all of five minutes to prepare first thing in the morning and will be far healthier than the bagel or muffin that you may be eating.


Snack On Canned Tuna


When it comes to snacks, finding high protein snacks can be a challenge. One great option is pop-top canned tuna. It doesn’t need to be put into the fridge and best of all, it’s ready when you are.


Simply open the top and serve.  Have it with some freshly chopped vegetables or if you are having a more active day, some whole grain crackers.


Swap Cream Cheese For Peanut Butter


Finally, the last quick and simple option to build more protein into your day is to trade out your cream cheese (or jelly if that’s what you use) for peanut butter instead.


Peanut butter is a very balanced food as it’ll contain a good dose of protein, some healthy fats, as well as some dietary fiber to round it off.


Use it on a banana, smeared into some celery, or mixed together with some oats, protein powder, and a touch of honey into a bite sized snack that’ll travel with you wherever you go.


Getting more protein into your daily diet doesn’t have to be a challenge provided you think wisely of all the many places you can bring it into your day. Just stop and ask yourself whenever you’re preparing a meal or a snack what you might do to help add a little more protein to the recipe.

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