Quick Steps To Stop Craving Sugar

Does it feel like you are constantly craving sugar? If it feels like no matter what you do, you simply cannot stop eating the white stuff, this does need to change or you could be in for some serious health problems as a result of it.

Few things will damage your health and fitness level like sugar will, so learning how to combat those cravings will mean that you can better put one step forward in reaching your best body yet.

Let’s look at four quick tips to beat sugar once and for all.

Go Cold Turkey

The first step to consider and while definitely more extreme, it is one that works for many people. That step is going cold turkey. Simply cut out all sugar immediately.

The first few days after doing this will definitely be hard, but if you can make it through those, you will find that it gets easier and easier from there.

For some people, this works because if they take the slow and steady approach, they still have that taste for sugar in their mouth. Basically, while they aren’t eating as much of it, they still want it, so the craving resides.

By cutting it all out, you will lose that ‘taste’ for it faster, making it easier to stay sugar free once it is gone.

Find Natural Sweet Tasting Foods

The next thing that you’ll want to consider is finding naturally sweet tasting foods. For instance, try serving up some fresh fruit for a snack. This is natural fruit sugar and will be healthier for you, all while still keeping your taste buds happy.

Or, you might start using cinnamon more often with your cooking, which is a naturally sweet spice that can help you combat those sugar cravings.

Furthermore, sweet potatoes are another great option to get into your diet plan. Sweet potatoes will actually help better regulate blood sugar levels despite the fact they are sweet tasting themselves.

Space Your Meals Properly

Another must if you are hoping to stop your craving for sugar is to space your meals properly. Often cravings for sugar results from very low blood glucose levels, which can happen anytime you go too long without eating.

Make sure that you are eating four to six times per day and that your calories are evenly spread out over the course of the day. If you hardly eat anything for breakfast and lunch and then find yourself binging in the evening on sugar, that is likely why.

A better planned diet program should do the trick to help you stay on track.

Avoid Artificial Sugar

Finally, you might think that eating foods with artificial sweeteners will be okay, but you need to think again. While these foods aren’t unhealthy due to the sugar content, they are still going to keep you craving the sweet stuff.

Not to mention many of these foods aren’t so healthy themselves, so they won’t be doing what you want to enhance your health and fitness level. Take for instance, ‘sugar free’ cookies. Even though they may be sugar free, they are still filled with other unhealthy ingredients that you just don’t need.

So use these tips and combat your sugar cravings today. The sooner you say so-long to it, the sooner you can move forward to a healthy, strong body.

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