As you go about making the transition to clean eating, there may be times where you come across certain foods that you question.

Are they really clean?

Are they going to be beneficial for me to be eating?

Should I really put these in my body, or will they do more harm than good?

Clean eating is not always as clear cut as some people would like it to be, so when that’s the case, it’s important that you really take a step back and evaluate just how clean your diet really is.

Let’s look at a few of the foods that sometimes give people troubles as they question whether they would be considered clean or not.

Fruit Juice

The first food that you may start to question is fruit juice. Fruit juice, while if it’s 100% pure, theoretically could be considered clean since it doesn’t have any additives included with it, it’s not ideal for any diet plan.

The problem with fruit juice is that through the process of creating the juice, you’re going to lose much of the fiber from the real fruit.

This makes it less helpful to your diet than eating whole fruit. Stick to the piece of fruit to meet your dietary needs instead.

Greek Yogurt

Second, Greek yogurt is the next food that can give people trouble. With this one, you need to look at the variation. If it’s sugar-infused Greek yogurt that comes with granola or fruit on the bottom, it isn’t going to be clean. There is going to be a high amount of added sugar to this Greek yogurt – sugar that you shouldn’t be taking in.

On the flip side, if it’s natural Greek yogurt, then it’s a safe and good addition to any diet plan.

Bran Cereals

Bran cereals are the other food that you need to be thinking about in terms of whether they’re ‘clean’ or not.

The problem here is that while they may be made with bran, which is healthy, they do have a lot of added ingredients included with them – ingredients that aren’t going to help you out.

For this reason, forgo bran cereals and opt for regular oatmeal instead. It’s a far wiser choice and will actually be clean.

Protein Bars

Finally, the last food that you may be wondering about are protein bars. They seem like a great option since they are touted as a health-friendly food for fitness fanatics, but don’t be misled.

Protein bars are going to chalk full of sugar and often don’t even have that high of protein powder included in them.

If you want to make protein bars, make your own using a combination of protein powder, natural nut butter, oats, and organic honey for added sweetness.

So don’t let these foods sneak into your diet any longer when they shouldn’t.  Always question any food that you’re eating and rate it according to the ‘clean eating’ scale.

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