How To Lose Fat Without Building Too Much Muscle


So you want to get thinner, more fit, and attain that sleek look that you’re after. But one thing you do not want is to build muscle bulk.  You see some women in the gym who look relatively fit, but at the same time, may have more muscle than you desire.


How can you avoid that?
Let’s go over this concept so that you can fully understand.


How Muscle ‘Bulk’ Happens


The first thing to know is that when you see women with quite a bit of actual muscle size present, this has come about due to years and years of hard work as well as using a higher calorie diet.


As you are currently going to be aiming to lose fat, meaning you will be using a lower calorie diet plan, you simply won’t be providing the calorie resources to build more muscle size.  So right now, you will not get any larger.


The Cost Of Getting Leaner


This said, you need to be sure you aren’t confusing muscle size/bulk with definition.  In some cases, when women get leaner, they start noticing their muscles are looking more defined, so much so that it can almost cause them to look bulkier and more manly.


It isn’t so much that their muscles are actually that much larger, but more that they are just more visible now.  So this can give that illusion of the look that you don’t want to be seeing.


As you continue to diet further and further, you run the risk of this happening.  Depending on your target goal weight, you need to realize that if it is does require very low body fat percentages, this may be what you end up with.


Finding Your Happy Spot


All in all, what you need to do is find your happy spot. Meaning, where do you feel like you look thin but yet still feminine. Most women will maintain their feminine look when they sit around 16-20% body fat.  If you go lower than this, you will start to see more muscle definition and it will look like you’ve gained muscle size. Rest assured however, unless you’ve spent years working hard to build that muscle size first before dieting, you simply will not be ‘bulky’.


Adjusting Your Training


Finally, you may also want to consider adjusting your training program slightly as well. Using a bit more metabolic conditioning principles rather than very heavy weight lifting will also help you keep your body looking more feminine and fit, rather than strong and muscular.


This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t challenge yourself with weights however. Free weights are a very important part of any workout program. Make sure that you aren’t missing out on that.


Keep these tips in mind and make sure that you aren’t fearing muscle bulk too much – it really won’t happen unless you are specifically training for it.



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