How Does Fruit Help With Weight Loss


One food that you may find yuoreslf avoiding entirely as you go about the weight los process is fruit.  But, must you really say so-long to that banana you enjoy for lunch or the orange you eat for breakfast?


What role, if any, does fruit have when it comes to fat loss? As you are about to see, there’s no reason to avoid fruit any longer.


Let’s go over how it can help – not hinder – your progress.


Fruit And Cravings


The first thing to realize is that fruit can be an excellent way to combat sweet tooth cravings that you might be having. If you are craving sugary snacks for instance, having an apple with a little nut butter can be a great way to put those cravings to rest while still providing your body with the nutrients that it needs.


Additionally, fruit will also help to train your body to prefer natural sugar, so you may find that you, in time, actually experience fewer cravings overall for the other unhealthy foods you used to eat.


Fruit And Hunger


Next, fruit is also a great way to help lower your hunger levels as well. This is thanks to the fiber that it contains, which will help stabilize blood sugar and keep you feeling satisfied.


In addition to that however, some of the sugar found in fruit is fructose, which is a particular type of sugar that fills liver glycogen storage.  It’s this liver glycogen storage that impacts your day to day hunger level, so by having some fruit from time to time, you may just find you aren’t as hungry on your fat loss diet plan.


When you do eat fruit, just be sure that you aim to eat it with some protein or healthy fats in order to slow down the release of those natural sugars into the bloodstream.


Fruit And Nutrients


Finally, fruit is also loaded with nutrients as well, which will help support a healthy body and ensure that you are feeling your best as you go about your diet plan. This is important as it will then help you feel more energized and ready to workout, which will directly influence the rate of fat burning that you experience.


Fruit is high in antioxidants as well, which can combat free radicals and oxidation that can come from high intensity exercise.


So as you can hopefully see, fruit is not something to fear. While it does contain more calories than vegetables do and therefore must be accounted for, you do not need to avoid it.


For weight loss purposes, you will want to limit yourself to 2-3 pieces of fruit daily while also trying to choose fruit is lower on the GI index to keep your blood sugar as stable as possible.


Berries work especially well for fat burning purposes, so really consider putting more focus on this type of fruit over others.


If you eat fruit wisely, it can certainly be a part of your overall weight loss plan.

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