Fruit, Fat Burning And You – The Truth You Should Know


Wondering if you can eat that apple as a snack mid-afternoon? Or perhaps you are starting to rethink those berries you put on your oatmeal first thing to get your day going.


Is fruit really healthy for fat loss? You know that sugar is to be avoided and isn’t fruit full of sugar?


Let’s clear up some of this confusion by going over some of the key things to know about fruit, fat burning and you.


The Type Of Sugar In Fruit


The first thing to note about the type of sugar found in fruit is that it’s a mixture of glucose along with fructose. This is an important distinction to make because it’s only glucose that will spike blood sugar levels, not fructose.


Because only half the fruit contains glucose, you are really only getting around 5-10 grams per serving of fruit (depending on the fruit).


While too much fructose can also be harmful and lead to fat gain, you aren’t getting all that much in fruit for it to be a concern.


If you eat 2-3 servings of fruit per day, the glucose or fructose isn’t going to amount to that much added sugar, especially if you are taking steps to keep other added sources of sugar down.


The Overall Calorie Intake


The next thing you’ll want to consider is the overall calorie intake. While that sugar-filled candy bar may pack in 270 calories, that cup of strawberries contains fewer than 50.


Since fat gain is largely determined by your total net calorie intake at the end of the day, fruit really isn’t going to pose any threat to this provided you do account for it and are eating it in moderation.


Other sources of sugar are far more calorie dense and those are the sugar filled foods to be worrying about.


The Fiber And Nutrients Of Fruit


Finally, don’t forget the fact that fruit contains a very high dose of fiber, which will slow the digestion of that sugar down in the blood stream even further.  Fiber is also good for heart health, for lowering blood cholesterol levels, and for keeping your digestive system regular. These are all great things as far as your health is concerned.


And, let’s not forget the fact that fruit is loaded with nutrients. You’ll take in an assortment of vitamins and minerals when eating fruit, not to mention antioxidants.  Fruit is one of the most powerful sources of antioxidants that you can consume and these are important to fight off free radical damage and ensure you feel your best.


Hopefully now you can see that fruit isn’t something to fear entirely. Yes, you should eat it in moderation, but it definitely is not a food that you want to be cutting out of your meal plan.  There are simply too many benefits to eating fruit that you shouldn’t be overlooking.

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