Binge eating is one of the most devastating issues you can face if you are attempting to maintain a healthy body weight.  By definition, binge eating refers to a period of eating a high volume of food, often without a sense of control.

Basically, you are eating and you just can’t stop. And, you aren’t eating chicken breasts and salad either – you are typically eating unhealthy foods such as ice cream, cake, and pasta.

If you’ve ever suffered from binge eating yourself, you already know just how frustrating this situation really is.

If you want to overcome it, it helps to learn why you are binge eating in the first place and what you can do to get past it.

Let’s look at four such reasons right now to give you a jump-start on tacking control over the situation.


Reason #1: You’re Overly Restrictive With Your Diet

The first reason people often binge eat is because they are too restrictive with their diet plan.  Basically, they are eating nothing but chicken, broccoli, and egg whites for weeks straight.

…And then they wonder why they binge eat.

If your diet is not one that leaves you both physically and psychologically satisfied, you need to find a new approach to use.  An overly restrictive diet is just setting the state for binge eating because eventually those cravings are going to become too much to handle.

And when you do give in, you’ll really give in.

Instead, use a more moderate approach and consider allowing yourself a treat meal once per week.  This will help you keep your food intake under control.


Reason #2: You Time Your Meals Poorly

Next, another big reason you might find yourself binging is if you time your meals poorly. Do you often go for five or six hours without eating? If you are someone who typically starves during the day and then comes home absolutely ravenous, this too can lead to binge eating.

Your mission should be to evenly space your meals throughout the day, taking in more calories earlier on than later. If you are doing the opposite, this is setting the scene for binge eating.

Never go more than three or four hours without food. This will help keep hunger better controlled, giving you more control.


Reason #3: You Aren’t Sleeping Enough

One reason for binge eating that is typically overlooked is a lack of sleep.  Sleep is critical to maintaining good control over your food intake because it helps to regulate the level of insulin sensitivity and food cravings you experience during the day.

Ever notice how on a night after not much sleep you seem to suffer from more food cravings? Well, combine this with also being mentally tired and you have a recipe for a binge.

Get eight to nine hours of sleep each night and you can side step this problem.  If you need more motivation to sleep, also note that sleep is also heavily tied into your resting metabolic rate, so you could actually bump up your total rate of fat burning by simply logging more hours.


Reason #4: You Use Food To Fill A Void

Finally, the last reason you might be binge eating is if you are eating to fill a void in your life.   Very often, this void is loneliness, so once you’ve identified it, start taking steps to enrich your life in other ways.

Remember that eating is not going to fix whatever it is that you are feeling. It may temporarily offer you some comfort and relief, but that problem will keep coming back.

Only once you address the problem will you be free from binge eating.

So there you have four of the top reasons why people tend to binge eat. Did you see yourself in any of these? If so, it’s time that you took some steps to put an action plan into place so that you can overcome this issue once and for all.

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