Fast Tips To Burn Stubborn Body Fat


After being on your workout and diet plan for some time, chances are you are noticing some results. You may have lost 10, 20, or even 30 pounds depending on where you were starting from.


But now you’ve reached a point where you have that last bit of body fat that you want to get off and it doesn’t seem to budge.


No matter what you try, you can’t get ay thinner.  What’s the issue with this? How come you aren’t able to move past this sticking point?


Welcome to the world of stubborn body fat.  Once you hit a certain point your body is going to be less reluctant to give up its stored body fat as now you are getting down to a place where your body naturally wants to keep more fat in this area.


For instance, for women, this tends to be in the hips, thighs, lower abs and on the underarm.  You naturally deposit fat here and to remove it, you’re going to have to work extra hard.


Fortunately, it’s not impossible.


Let’s go over a few of the quick tips to know and remember for losing stubborn body fat.


Combine Cardio Methods


The first thing you’ll want to do is start combining cardio methods. You’ve likely heard that interval training is the best way to burn fat and for the most part, it is.


But, now it may not be enough.  Try doing interval training to first get the release of fatty acids and then after the interval training is finished, perform some steady state cardio to burn those fatty acids off.


Sometimes the combo works better than either method alone.  Start with 20 minutes of intervals and once that’s completed, add 20 minutes of steady state cardio.  Do this first thing in the morning after taking some branched chain amino acids and you’ll be putting up a good defense against stubborn body fat.


Carb Cycle Your Diet Dramatically


You’ll also want to consider carb cycling to help you burn those last few pounds.  Carb cycling is great for helping to keep your metabolic rate higher so you never suffer a crash that slows fat burning to a halt.


Make your intense workout days much higher in total carbohydrate intake and then on the rest days, cut it way back, minimizing it to 50-100 grams. These dramatic fluctuations can help get you into fat burning mode better than a steady diet at a moderately low carb level.


Consider Supplementation


You may also want to consider adding some supplementation to your training regime as well.  Adding yohimbe for instance, which is a natural herbal product, can stimulate fat burning in the stubborn regions. Especially when it comes to lower body fat burning, this tends to be highly beneficial.


Likewise, adding some CLA, which is a type of fat to your diet can also help increase the speed of overall fat burning taking place.


Practice Patience


Finally, don’t forget to practice patience. One thing you must know is that things will move more slowly when you are down to those stubborn body fat stores. Be prepared to put in some serious time as the process unfolds.


So there you have four tips to help you burn off that stubborn body fat and get looking your best. Pay attention to these and you’ll be seeing more progress.


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