Looking to get a flat stomach but don’t want to perform hundreds of crunches on the ab mats daily?  Not to worry, you definitely can achieve this goal, all without doing a single crunch if that is what you prefer.

There are plenty of other exercises that will fully challenge your core muscles, all while delivering superior fat burning results.  Always remember that the best way to get a firm core however is with a proper diet, so in addition to the exercises below, also make sure that your diet is lined up properly.

Let’s now look at the best non-crunch moves you need to remember for a flat and firm stomach.


Single Leg Squats


The first great move for a stronger core is the basic single leg squat.  While this is traditionally a move for your lower body, don’t overlook the fact that it’s also going to be excellent for strengthening your core as well.

The reason this exercise works so well is because since you are on the single leg, your balance is going to be thrown off.  As such, your core will need to contract hard to keep you upright over the leg as you lower yourself down into position.

This is one of the best moves for not only building a strong core, but also strengthening your lower body as well.


Plank Hold


Moving along, the plank hold is the next move to add into your workout protocol.  It’s not only going to strengthen the abdominal region, but also strengthen the muscles up and down the spinal column as well.

When doing the plank hold, be sure that you never allow your hips to rise up or fall down, otherwise you are only risking injury and won’t be seeing the results that you hope for.

If you move out of good form, stop the exercise and restart only when you can maintain good form again.

With all the different plank variations, you should never find that you become bored with this move.


Walking Lunges With a Twist


The next great move to add to your protocol to build up your core is the walking lunge with the twist. Once again, this move is more commonly thought of as lower body building exercise, however by adding the twisting action, you bring your core into play as well.

The core will already be working to help stabilize the body as you move into the lunge, but now the stress being placed on it is intensified.

To do this, simply hold a medicine ball in front of the body and as you lunge down, twist to the side with the ball.  Untwist as you come back up and then repeat, this time to the other side for the next rep.


Push-Up On An Exercise Ball   


Finally, the last move that you’ll want to add to your workout program to help build a stronger core is the push-up on an exercise ball.  This move is one of the best ways to integrate core muscle activation again thanks to the fact that you are de-stabilizing the body.

Simply place the hands up on an exercise ball and then once balanced, lower yourself into the push-up position.  Note that this is a very challenging move, so if you can only perform one or two reps at first, don’t get too down on yourself. Simply keep working at it until you can do more.

As you do this exercise, be sure that you keep your core tight at all times. If your lower back ever starts to sway, that indicates that you’ve moved out of good form and should stop the exercise entirely.  Restart only when you can sustain proper form again.

So focus on adding these to your workout program and you can say so-long to crunches.  Crunches are often regarded as some of the least effective moves for building a strong core, so start focusing on alternatives today.

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