5 Foods Every Woman Needs In Her Diet


Looking to clean up your diet plan? If you’re hoping to improve your overall nutritional intake while helping reach that desired body composition, you need to be paying close attention to the foods that you put into your body each and every day.


It’s not enough to just count calories and track macronutrients. While that’s definitely an important part of the weight maintenance game, it’s not the only thing that needs to be addressed. If you aren’t eating high food quality, you simply aren’t going to get very far.


Let’s go over five foods that every woman should have in her diet thanks to the many benefits they provide.



Lean Steak


Are you avoiding steak because you think it’s too high in fat and will make it harder to get leaner?  Stop doing so.  Steak – provided you choose lean steak – is a terrific option for any woman.


The reason why women need to start eating more red meat is because it’s the best source of iron that you can consume in your diet.  And, as women will lose some iron each month with their menstrual cycle, they’re more likely to be deficient.


While you can find iron in some fresh vegetables and legumes, you simply aren’t going to get the quality of iron from red meat in these sources.  Red meat provides what’s called ‘heme’ iron, which is more readily absorbed and utilized by the body.


So dish up some red meat at least two or three times per week.


Whole Eggs


The next smart food that every woman should have in their diet plan is whole eggs. Here again, many avoid whole eggs for fear the cholesterol level is simply too high.  This is a mistake however because when you toss the yolk, you’ll be throwing away many of the vital nutrients found in the egg.


Eggs are an excellent source of B vitamins, zinc, as well as folic acid, which is a particular important nutrient for any woman of child bearing age.


As long as you keep it to one per day and you have no pre-existing heart issues, it’s a perfectly find addition to your diet plan.


Always remember that you do need some healthy fats in your protocol in order to help keep your libido levels high and your hormones at a healthy range.




The next food on the list is salmon.  Salmon simply can’t be beat as far as lean protein goes thanks to the fact it’s not only rich in quality amino acids, but also a great source of omega-3 fatty acids as well.


These will help boost your overall insulin sensitivity levels, making you more likely to stay lean when eating carbohydrates in your diet.


Salmon will also help boost brain health, promote a healthier heart, and help enhance your immune system.  All in all, the health benefits of salmon simply are too many to list, so it’s one food you can’t afford to miss out on.


Aim to have it at least twice per week for best results.


Fresh Berries


If you want antioxidants, berries should be your go-to.  Fresh berries are one of the best fruits that a woman can eat because they’re low in sugar content, rich in fiber, and pack in a very strong dose of antioxidants.


For any woman who wants to promote better health in the long run, getting enough antioxidants is a must.


Berries work great eaten alone or can easily be added to a bowl of oatmeal, yogurt, salads or into your fruit smoothies.  The options are virtually endless, so start adding them to your meal plan today.




Finally, don’t overlook spinach.  Start replacing the regular iceberg or romaine lettuce you may be using in your salads right now for some spinach instead.  Spinach is another powerful source of iron as well as folic acid, two key nutrients already mentioned that women need to be eating more of.


Spinach is also a very good source of vitamin K, providing well over 100% of your total daily needs.  It also offers a much better taste than iceberg lettuce as well.


So have a look at your current diet plan. Are you missing these foods? If so, it’s time to start integrating the into your menu now.


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