Does emotional eating have the best of you? If you feel like you’re constantly eating for reasons other than hunger and it’s currently leaving you seeing less than optimal results with your workout and diet plan, it’s about time that you figure out what you can do to fight back.


Taking control over emotional eating is not an easy feat – it’s something you may have been doing for quite some time now. That said, it’s not impossible.


Let’s go over four important tips that you should know and remember when it comes to combating emotional eating.


Start A Journal


The first thing that you can do to combat emotional eating is starting your own food journal. Each time you are about to eat something, write down what it is that you are feeling.


Are you feeling happy? Sad? Lonely? Anxious?  Note the feeling and if you can, write down why you are feeling this way.


This will help you uncover the true reasons behind you wanting to eat, which you can then learn how to deal with more effectively.


Until you come to terms with the real reason behind your eating, you can’t stop the problem from happening.


Keep Yourself Busy


At times, you may not be eating due to some type of serious emotional issue you’re facing but rather, just due to boredom.


When that’s the case, it’s time to simply get yourself busy.  Instead of sitting down to watch TV at night, get out and do something. If you’re out of the house and away from food, it’ll be that much harder to eat.


The busier you keep yourself, the less likely you are to eat for emotional reasons.


Come Up With A List Of Non-Food Options


It’s also a smart move to come up with a list of non-food options as well. What can you do when you are feeling those emotions come on that doesn’t include food?


You need to figure out smarter coping mechanisms. Whether this means you get out for a run to release pent up stress, call a friend to talk about why you’re feeling sad, or take a hot bath to ease stress and anxiety, figure out these activities before you start feeling the emotions.


This way, you’ll be more prepared to deal with them using these new options.


Seek Support


Finally, the last thing that you might consider doing is actually seeking support.  If you are eating due to very strong underlying emotional reasons such as an issue that came up during childhood, you may need to actually speak with a professional counselor about this.


Don’t feel bad if that is the case. The sooner you can get the support and help you need, the sooner you can put emotional eating behind you.


So there you have the best ways to combat emotional eating. If you are currently suffering, take action today so that this issue doesn’t impact your ability to achieve a healthy body weight any longer.

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