4 Lunge Variations To Boost Your Booty


Want to get more from your lower body workout sessions? If so, you need to keep changing things up so that your body is continually stimulated. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is doing the same thing over and over again, which will just lead you straight into a progress plateau.


The lunge is one of the best lower body moves you can do for adding shape, definition, and tone, and fortunately, comes with plenty of variations.


Let’s look at four lunge variations that you should try in your program over time to help see faster results.


Walking Lunges


Walking lunges are the traditional lunge and are great for working the glutes, hamstrings, and quads.  When doing these, hold dumbbells by your side or a barbell across your back to add the external resistance you need.


Walk all the way across the room, turn around, and then walk back again.


Reverse Lunges


The reverse lunge is another good lunge to try out once you’ve mastered the normal walking lunge.  This one should be done stationary (unless you feel very confident to do a walking reverse lunge).


Because of the nature of the movement pattern, you’ll feel this one hitting your quads to a larger degree, so it’s great for bringing out optimal quad development.


Reverse lunges are also going to help improve your balance and agility as well, so are great for anyone who wants more athletic-like training.


Split Squat Lunges


The split squat lunge is a great exercise for boosting your booty and can be done with just body weight, a set of dumbbells or a barbell across your back.


Note with this one that the further away you place your supportive leg, the more glute activation you get, while the closer to the supportive leg it is, the more you’ll hit your quads.


When doing this one, think of leaning back every so slightly to ensure that you hit the glute muscles effectively.


Stationary Lunges With A Twist

Finally, the last of the lunge variations to try is the stationary lunge with a twist. For this one, hold a weighted medicine ball in front of the body and then step directly forward, twisting to one side as you do.


Pause in the lower position and then rise back up to the starting position.  After doing so, begin lunging down again, this time with the opposite leg, twisting toward it instead.


Continue alternating as you go about the movement pattern until all reps are completed.  The heavier the weighted medicine ball for this one, the more challenging it will be.  Just be sure that you are never adopting a forward lean as you perform the exercise or this will place great strain on the lower back joints.


So there you have four great lunge variations that you’ll want to start trying in your workout program today. It’s one exercise that you never need to feel bored with.

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