4 Fun Fitness Workouts You Can Do With Your Kids


Gearing up for a workout session? Why not consider bringing your kids? While it’s unlikely that you’ll take them to the gym for a strength training workout with you, having your kids join you as often as possible in your fitness ventures can help instill good healthy habits in them that will last a lifetime.


Unsure what sort of workouts you can do with your kids? Let’s go over four options that you can get started on today.




Getting your kids together and going for a long family bike ride is an excellent way to stay in shape, get some fresh air, and spend time together.  Go for an hour or two on a Sunday afternoon and you can easily torch 500 or more calories, giving your fat loss a boost.




Skipping is another excellent workout that you can do with your kids that will help you ramp up your fitness considerably all while having fun together. Most kids love skipping by nature and it just so happens to be one of the most challenging types of cardio training that you can do.


Try different variations of skipping in order to work all the muscles in your body as best as possible.


Bodyweight Circuit Training


Bodyweight circuit training is the next type of workout you can consider doing with your kids.  Setting up a bodyweight circuit using push-ups, squats, mountain climbers, burpees, lunges, and so forth are all exercises that they can do that will help you get into great shape yourself.


If your kids are 10 or older, these bodyweight activities are all safe for them to perform and can help prepare them for later on when they may start venturing into the weight lifting arena.


Head outdoors and do this circuit or do it in your basement if there’s room.




Finally, don’t overlook simply hitting your local pool for a swim. Many people completely overlook swimming as a form of cardio training but it’s one of the best variations you can do thanks to the fact it helps to minimize the impact on your joints and will help work both the upper and lower body at the same time, giving you the best overall calorie burn per minute that you do it.


If your kids have not taken swimming lessons yet, consider enrolling them and while they are at their lesson, you can be doing some laps in the pool.


Try any one of these great four workouts with your kids next time you need to get a gym session in. They’ll be a great way for you to break away from your usual gym workout routine, adding more variety to your schedule.


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