3 Great Tips For Greater Glute Muscle Activation


If you’re looking to firm up your booty and improve your overall aesthetics, you need to get in place a terrific glute building workout plan.  Some women are fast to hop onto the stepmill thinking this is the best way to sculpt their backside and while it definitely will offer some benefits, it’s not going to give you the precise look you’re going for.


Strength training is key if you want to optimize the development of this muscle tissue.  This said, you can’t just add strength training and think you’re done. You really need to feel those exercises, every step of the way.  Sadly, often the hamstrings or quads take over when doing lower body exercises, which reduces the overall emphasis on the glutes that you’re aiming to train.


Let’s look at three quick tips to help you active your glutes better so you can see optimal results.


Note Your Foot Position


The very first thing to do is to note your foot position when performing some of your exercises. In many cases, the higher up your foot is, or further away from your body as the case may be, the greater the glute activation will be.


For instance, let’s say you’re doing a leg press. By placing the feet higher up on the platform, you’ll ensure that you hit the hamstrings and glutes more than the quads.


Likewise, if you’re doing split squats, by pushing the foot further away from the body, you’ll engage the glutes to a much higher degree.  This can really pay off in terms of the overall results that you see.


Press Through The Heel


The next quick tip to know and remember about glute training is the importance of pressing through the heel of the movement.  Here again, when doing that split squat for instance, rather than thinking of driving the body up by pressing through the foot and the toes, lean back slightly, shifting the weight towards the heel.


Now see how much you really feel it when doing this move.  You will be quite surprised how a simple shift in your overall body weight can dramatically change the entire nature of the exercise you’re doing.


Most people are simply not aware of this however and just execute the movement in whatever manner they naturally do without thought.  Think about each exercise you do and what you might be able to do to get greater glute involvement.


Perform A Light Warm Up Set


Finally, the last quick tip to help you see enhanced glute activation when going about your workout sessions is to always perform a light warm-up set when you first get started.  This will go a long way towards helping you really focus on the glutes without quad and hamstring recruitment since you are using less weight overall.


Then, once you have that ‘feeling’ of squeezing the glutes to help execute the movement, you can then add more weight, keeping that feeling in place.  By starting with the lighter set, you’ll notice that you can really increase the overall intensity of the exercise, while still getting those glutes firing.


Start heavy on the other hand and you’ll be less inclined to feel the glutes and instead, just power through with the hamstrings and quads.


So keep these quick tips in mind and always remember, you need that mind-muscle connection when training glutes if you are going to see optimal results.  The minute you zone out during the workout is the minute you’ll lose the connection – and lose your results.  Focus the entire time for superior glute training.

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